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Contact Us
8-234 Cardigan St., Carlton, Melbourne, VIC,
Australia 3053
Tel: +61 411215302
Email: info@dailypositive.org

Daily Positive (D+) is a not-for-profit media initiative of Arif Systems to accumulate, store and publish exclusively positive news from every country around the world. D+ collects news for 365 days of the year, from all countries, and spread notable, extraordinary and uplifting information from each culture.

D+ started its official journey on 25 November 2010. We invite volunteers, students, writers, researchers, professionals and people who are passionate about spreading positive news to discover and share the daily positives.

Dr. Arif Jubaer, the founder of D+, initially has supported the project with money saved from scholarships while he was a student completing his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) at The University of Melbourne. He hopes that D+ will give back a sense of opportunity, friendship and positive cross cultural learning throughout the global community. He can be reached via email at: arif.jubaer@dailypositive.org.

Community Award

Daily Positive (D+) Community Award
D WMPC 2018 8.jpg
Daily Positive (D+) Community Award 2018 Winner : Insta Web Works
Community Award 2017.jpg
Daily Positive (D+) Community Award 2017 Winner : The Community Grocer, Carlton

The second edition of Daily Positive (D+) Community Award in 2018 will acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary positive contributions and projects of all organizations and/or individuals in Melbourne, Australia and beyond. Based on the feedbacks of our judges $500 will be awarded to the best project at a grand event on 25 November 2018.

Daily Positive (D+), a not-for-profit media initiative that publishes positive news from all the countries of the world, is the proud sponsor of this award.

From all walks of life, people provide a wide range of services, activities and support to their communities and causes. They work with the vulnerable and the disadvantaged, reducing social isolation and improving health and wellbeing. They teach, mentor and inspire, or represent their communities. They run clubs, groups and events, or fundraise and support causes. And we believe they deserve to be recognized.

Selection Criteria

The prize will be awarded for achievement(s) for a single outstanding initiative.

The nominee must satisfy at least one of the following:

  • Advanced the cause of the local communities and contributed to sustainable development.
  • Mobilized regional/global efforts towards addressing positive development issues.
  • Successfully solved a major local problem involving wider communities. Should not represent a single group of people e.g. should not represent any religious group.
  • Undertaken activities and initiatives at the grass roots level, leading to sustainable positive change in society with the potential of serving as a model for replication.

Eligibility Requirements

You can nominate yourself or your organization or can be nominated by someone else.

  • The organization or individual should have sufficient, measureable impact.
  • The application should be focused and result oriented.
  • Nomination after the closing date will not be accepted.
  • Members of the selection committees and their families are not eligible for the Prize.

Nomination Procedure

The Nomination must be completed in English.

Required documents:

  1. Suggested citation (max. 250 Words) highlighting the nominee's achievement in recognition of an outstanding contribution to local community.
  2. Supporting statement (max 1 page).
  3. Details of achievements ( max 2 pages).
  4. Detailed CV of the nominee (max 4 to 5 pages) (applied for individual nominees).

Deadline for the submission of nomination is 15 November 2018.

All the above documents should be sent to info@dailypositive.org

Editors’ Picks

D+ Editors’ Picks is a segment that facilitates newsmakers to showcase their positive achievements to the world. In this segment, D+ links to positive news stories from its homepage and spread the achievements to our global audiences.

The news in Editors’ Picks is hand-picked by the D+ administrators based on soundness, authenticity and novelty. If you have an exciting positive news story that you would like to share with D+, email us the official website link of the news at info@dailypositive.org. Only the selected news is linked from D+ Editors’ Picks.

It is a FREE service. However, if you want your news to be linked from D+ on a specific date, a $5 donation to D+ is requested. Based on the demand and popularity, each news will be posted for at least 24 hours on D+ homepage.

For more information and further explanation of the D+ Editor’s Picks segment please email us at info@dailypositive.org.

D+ Newsletter

D+ launched monthly Newsletter service since January 2014 compiled with selective news published in a month on D+.












News Edit Guidelines

  • Example of positive news are, but need not be restricted to, revealing Nobel Prize Winners, Sports World Cup Winners, New Inventions, New World Records etc.
  • While adding news refer to the year the event took place.
  • Please try to follow the format of previously added news. D+ reserves the right to change the format of your news for better readability and management of the news. * Repeated news on the same event may be deleted. In case of exact repetition only the first added news will be retained.
  • Added news should not offend others.
  • D+ will not be responsible for any news added by users other than news added by official ambassadors of D+. However, any concern about news on D+ can be voiced to the administrator at info@dailypositive.org.

Events & Activities

  • D+ participated in Earth Hour 2011 in Melbourne, Australia on March 26, 2011 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.
  • D+ started a new program “Did You Know?” on March 6, 2011. Under this program D+ shares random positive news on the main page and on social medias from its rich collection of positivity on every country around the world.
  • Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle interviewed Daily Positive (D+) founder Arif Jubaer on 26th January 2010. The interview was conducted in Bangla by Deutsche Welle Bengali. The interview can be found at Report and Audio.
  • D+ organized Wikipedia’s tenth anniversary in Melbourne on January 15, 2011. D+ thanks Wikipedia to provide us with the opportunity to organize this event. For more information visit Wikipedia.
  • D+ commenced its new look on January 1, 2011. D+ added flags for each country which were collected from IP2Location and http://www.free-flags.me.uk/. Apart from that, D+ also added information, such as, official country name, location, capital, area and population for each country. This information was collected from The World Factbook of Central Intelligence Agency.
  • D+ was officially launched in Melbourne, Australia at ANZSCON on November 25, 2010 at 4.40pm local time.