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* '''Congratulation!''' The top 10 [[Most_Positive_Countries|World’s Most Positive Countries 2019]] are:
<!--* '''Congratulation!''' The top 10 [[Most_Positive_Countries|World’s Most Positive Countries 2019]] are:
:[[France]], [[Japan]], [[Australia]],
:[[France]], [[Japan]], [[Australia]],
:[[United_States|United States of America]], [[China]],
:[[United_States|United States of America]], [[China]],
:[[Canada]], [[England]], [[New Zealand]],
:[[Canada]], [[England]], [[New Zealand]],
:[[Singapore]] and [[Germany]] ([[Most_Positive_Countries|More]])
:[[Singapore]] and [[Germany]] ([[Most_Positive_Countries|More]])-->
<!--* [[Most_Positive_Countries|D+ World’s Most Positive Countries]]-->
* [[Daily_Positive_Carnival|Daily Positive Carnival 2020]]
* [[Daily_Positive_Carnival|Daily Positive Carnival 2019]]
* [[Special:RecentChangesLinked/Daily_Positive|Click Here]] for latest news updates<br />
* [[Special:RecentChangesLinked/Daily_Positive|Click Here]] for latest news updates<br />
* [[Most_Positive_Countries|D+ World’s Most Positive Countries]]
* D+ on [http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/dailypositive <font color=red>e</font><font color=blue>b</font><font color=yellow>a</font><font color=green>y</font>]
* D+ on [http://www.ebay.com.au/usr/dailypositive <font color=red>e</font><font color=blue>b</font><font color=yellow>a</font><font color=green>y</font>]
<!--* '''[http://goo.gl/iUVhh Click Here]''' to vote for the [[Most_Positive_Countries|D+ World’s Most Positive Countries 2017]]-->
<!--* '''[http://goo.gl/iUVhh Click Here]''' to vote for the [[Most_Positive_Countries|D+ World’s Most Positive Countries 2017]]-->

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Daily Positive (D+), Positive News For A Positive World

Daily Positive (D+) is a not-for-profit media initiative to accumulate, store and publish positive news from all the countries of the world. D+ collects news for each of the 365 days of the year and spreads notable, extraordinary and uplifting information from each culture.

Its mission is to engage global citizens in interesting, thought-provoking dialogue about trending news topics through positive, open concept journalism.

Any registered user of D+ can add and edit news to D+ pages. Each of its news content is curated and researched by international researchers, independent journalists and community contributors.

D+ is also synonymous with different blood groups, such as, A+ and B+. Blood is the essential substance of life as is positivity. D+ aims to ensure the circulation of positivity in the world community at a time when it's most needed.

D+ Bulletin
Current News
  • Chinese scientists and their international colleagues have discovered what they say is the smallest known dinosaur. (more) China.gif
  • Swiss astronomers have discovered a planet, WASP-76b some 390 light years away, where it rains iron. (more) Switzerland.gif
  • For the first time, a team of Scottish palaeontologists has discovered 170-millions-year-old footprints of stegosaurs on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. (more) Scotland.gif
  • A second patient has been cured of HIV after undergoing stem cell transplant treatment, by a team of English and international doctors. (more) England.gif
  • China launched the 54th satellite of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. (more) China.gif
  • In a major advance in mind-controlled prosthetics for amputees, researchers in the USA have developed an ultra-precise mind-controlled prosthetic. (more) United States.gif
  • Denmark topped the Rule of Law Index 2020, indicating how the rule of law is experienced and perceived, prepared by the US-based World Justice Project. (more) Denmark.gif
D+ Editors' Picks
D+ Editor's Pic

The robot that grips without touching
ETH Pioneer Fellow Marcel Schuck is developing a robotic gripper that can manipulate small and fragile objects without touching them. The technology is based on sound waves.

The small installation that Marcel Schuck has assembled on his workbench is reminiscent of a school physics lesson: an arrangement, comprising two semi-​spheres and resembling a pair of headphones, is connected to a circuit board carrying microchips. He is using the assembly to demonstrate a physical effect. A small sphere hovers between the two semi-​spheres, held up by ultrasound waves. “This phenomenon is known as acoustic levitation,” the scientist explains. (More)

List of Countries


Afghanistan.gif Afghanistan     Albania.gif Albania Algeria.gif Algeria     Andorra.gif Andorra
Angola.gif Angola Antigua and Barbuda.gif Antigua and Barbuda     Argentina.gif Argentina Armenia.gif Armenia
Australia.gif Australia Austria.gif Austria Azerbaijan.gif Azerbaijan


Bahamas.gif Bahamas     Bahrain.gif Bahrain   Bangladesh.gif Bangladesh     Barbados.gif Barbados
Belarus.gif Belarus Belgium.gif Belgium   Belize.gif Belize Benin.gif Benin
Bhutan.gif Bhutan Bolivia.gif Bolivia   Bosnia and Herzegovina.gif Bosnia and Herzegovina  Botswana.gif Botswana
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Burma V2.gif Burma Burundi.gif Burundi


Cambodia.gif Cambodia Cameroon.gif Cameroon     Canada.gif Canada Cape Verde.gif Cape Verde
Central African Republic.gif Central African Republic     Chad.gif Chad Chile.gif Chile China.gif China
Colombia.gif Colombia Comoros.gif Comoros Congo Democratic Republic of the.gif Congo, Democratic Republic of the     Costa Rica.gif Costa Rica
CotedIvoire.gif Côte d'Ivoire Croatia.gif Croatia Cuba.gif Cuba Cyprus.gif Cyprus
Czech Republic.gif Czech Republic


Denmark.gif Denmark     Djibouti.gif Djibouti     Dominica.gif Dominica     Dominican Republic.gif Dominican Republic


East Timor.gif East Timor     Ecuador.gif Ecuador Egypt.gif Egypt El Salvador.gif El Salvador
England.gif England Equatorial Guinea.gif Equatorial Guinea     Eritrea.gif Eritrea    Estonia.gif Estonia    
Ethiopia.gif Ethiopia


Fiji.gif Fiji     Finland.gif Finland     France.gif France


Gabon.gif Gabon     The Gambia.gif The Gambia Georgia.gif Georgia     Germany.gif Germany
Ghana.gif Ghana Greece.gif Greece Grenada.gif Grenada Guatemala.gif Guatemala
Guinea.gif Guinea Guinea-Bissau.gif Guinea-Bissau     Guyana.gif Guyana


Haiti.gif Haiti     Honduras.gif Honduras     Hungary.gif Hungary


Iceland.gif Iceland     India.gif India Indonesia.gif Indonesia     Iran.gif Iran
Iraq V2.gif Iraq Ireland.gif Ireland     Israel.gif Israel Italy.gif Italy


Jamaica.gif Jamaica     Japan.gif Japan     Jordan.gif Jordan


Kazakhstan.gif Kazakhstan Kenya.gif Kenya Kiribati.gif Kiribati Korea North.gif Korea, North
Korea South.gif Korea, South     Kuwait.gif Kuwait     Kyrgyzstan.gif Kyrgyzstan    


Laos.gif Laos Latvia.gif Latvia     Lebanon.gif Lebanon Lesotho.gif Lesotho
Liberia.gif Liberia Libya V1.gif Libya Liechtenstein.gif Liechtenstein     Lithuania.gif Lithuania
Luxembourg.gif Luxembourg    


Macedonia.gif Macedonia Madagascar.gif Madagascar      Malawi.gif Malawi Malaysia.gif Malaysia
Maldives.gif Maldives Mali.gif Mali Malta.gif Malta Marshall Islands.gif Marshall Islands
Mauritania.gif Mauritania     Mauritius.gif Mauritius Mexico.gif Mexico Micronesia Federated States of.gif Micronesia, Federated States of
Moldova.gif Moldova Monaco.gif Monaco Mongolia.gif Mongolia     Montenegro.gif Montenegro
Morocco.gif Morocco Mozambique.gif Mozambique


Namibia.gif Namibia Nauru.gif Nauru Nepal.gif Nepal     Netherlands.gif Netherlands    
New Zealand.gif New Zealand Nicaragua.gif Nicaragua     Niger.gif Niger Nigeria.gif Nigeria
Northern Ireland.gif Northern Ireland   Norway.gif Norway


Oman.gif Oman


Pakistan.gif Pakistan     Palau.gif Palau     Panama.gif Panama Papua New Guinea.gif Papua New Guinea
Paraguay.gif Paraguay Peru.gif Peru Philippines.gif Philippines     Poland.gif Poland
Portugal.gif Portugal


Qatar.gif Qatar


Romania.gif Romania     Russia.gif Russia     Rwanda.gif Rwanda


Saint Kitts and Nevis .gif Saint Kitts and Nevis     Saint Lucia.gif Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.gif Saint Vincent and the Grenadines     Samoa.gif Samoa
San Marino.gif San Marino Sao Tome and Principe.gif São Tomé and Príncipe     Saudi Arabia.gif Saudi Arabia Scotland.gif Scotland
Senegal.gif Senegal Serbia.gif Serbia Seychelles.gif Seychelles Sierra Leone.gif Sierra Leone
Singapore.gif Singapore Slovakia.gif Slovakia Slovenia.gif Slovenia Solomon Islands.gif Solomon Islands    
Somalia.gif Somalia South Africa.gif South Africa South Sudan.gif South Sudan Spain.gif Spain
Sri Lanka.gif Sri Lanka Palestine.gif State of Palestine Sudan.gif Sudan Suriname.gif Suriname
Swaziland.gif Swaziland Sweden.gif Sweden Switzerland.gif Switzerland Syria.gif Syria


Taiwan.gif Taiwan Tajikistan.gif Tajikistan Tanzania.gif Tanzania Thailand.gif Thailand
Togo.gif Togo Tonga.gif Tonga Trinidad and Tobago.gif Trinidad and Tobago     Tunisia.gif Tunisia
Turkey.gif Turkey     Turkmenistan.gif Turkmenistan     Tuvalu.gif Tuvalu


Uganda.gif Uganda Ukraine.gif Ukraine     United Arab Emirates.gif United Arab Emirates     United States.gif United States
Uruguay.gif Uruguay     Uzbekistan.gif Uzbekistan


Vanuatu.gif Vanuatu     Vatican City.gif Vatican City     Venezuela.gif Venezuela     Vietnam.gif Vietnam


Wales.gif Wales


Yemen.gif Yemen


Zambia.gif Zambia     Zimbabwe.gif Zimbabwe